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The waiting time displayed is our best estimate but changes can happen. Customers should be present 5 min before the estimated start.
If a customer is late (5 minutes or more after the estimated start time), we reserve the right to transfer the customer to the hold queue in order to ensure a timely process for the other customers. We do, however, offer to put them back into the queue as soon as possible that day or serve them immediately if there is no queue. For any complications, we are always ready to support our customers at hey@drycut.ch

We reserve the right to not serve customers if it is impossible for our stylists to give the hairdressers a cut, e.g., if the customer has too much product in the hair or for other reasons of a technical, hygienical or other reason. Customers will be reimbursed for any payment made in case a customer will not be served after payment has been done. Claims should be directed to hey@drycut.ch 

Terms of Use

These terms of use are valid for www.DRYCUT.ch and any other websites or electronic media linked to it or its parent company SWISSCUT AG.By using this website you accept these terms and conditions. DRYCUT reserves the right to, at any time, change, modify, add or remove parts of these terms of use. It is our users’ responsibility to check if there have been changes made to these terms. If you continue to use the website after any change, it means you approve of the changes.  All the content of the website including its text, graphics, user interface, functionality and code is owned by DRYCUT and protected by law. No part of the website shall be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, coded, or distributed or transferred in any way unless DRYCUT explicitly has approved it in writing ahead of time.  

Use of the Website
You are not allowed to use “deeplink”, “pagegetter”, “robot”, “spider” or any other automatic unit, program, algorithm or methods or other similar manual processes to get access to, download, copy or survey any part of the website or its contents or in any way reproduce or circumvent the navigation structure or presentation of the website or any content in order to get or try to get materials, documents or information in any way not intentionally made available by the website.

You are not allowed to try to get unauthorized access to parts of or functions on the website or other systems or networks coupled to the website, or to any of DRYCUT’s systems through hacking, password mining or other unlawful methods.

You are not allowed to scan, probe or test the vulnerability of the website or networks coupled to the website, or to breach the safety procedures in the website or network hooked up to the website.

DRYCUT can at any time and without warning change the products and services offered on the website, or the price for the products or services. The materials on the website regarding products and services may be out of date, and DRYCUT does not commit to updating the materials on the website with regard to such products and services.

This website can include links to other independent third party websites or electronic media. They are only offered to help our visitors and not subject to DRYCUT’s control. DRYCUT is not responsible for any content or functionality of any third party sites or applications.

DRYCUT is not responsible to you for any direct or indirect loss or damage, including loss of income, even if DRYCUT has been warned about the potential for such loss or damage. This includes any loss, responsibility or damage caused by faults in performance, faults, omission, deletion, missing elements, delays, transfer, data virus, communication errors, theft or destruction of or unauthorized access to, change of or use, either based on contractual breach, damage done, negligence or any other cause.  

These terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law.


DRYCUT takes privacy seriously. You may be asked to submit personal data when in contact with DRYCUT, like your phone number and name. We ask this personal data in order  to provide you with our services and we may combine them to offer improved products and services and other content. You are not obliged to provide any personal data, however, if you choose not to, we will not be able to provide you with products and services or to properly reply to any request you may have.

If you apply for a position at DRYCUT or we receive information about you regarding a potential job for DRYCUT we may use the information provided to assess your candidature and to contact you.  

We also collect data in a form where it cannot be directly linked to specific people. We can gather, use, transfer and pass on any non-personal data for any purpose, for example to better understand customers’ preferences regarding time of day and locations for receiving haircuts.

DRYCUT’s websites, applications, e-mails and other electronic media may use cookies and other technology, for example tracingpixels and websignals. These technologies help us understand the users’behaviour better, tell us which parts of the website the users find interesting and help us tailor the experience for the best of the customers.

We treat information gathered using cookies and other technology as non-personal data, unless local law defines them otherwise.DRYCUT uses cookies and information capsules and other technologies to remember personal information if you use our website or our services. In these cases the intention is to make the DRYCUT experience more personal. If we know your firstname we can welcome you back to our salons if you have visited us before.  

Like most internet based services we automatically gather some information stored in log-files. This information may include IP-address, web-reader type and language, incoming link-page, clicked link-page, date, time and clickstream data. We use this information to get better overview of and to analyze trends, administer the website, learn about user behavior on the site, improve our products and services.

DRYCUT does not give third parties any information except when in the service of DRYCUT in order to improve our products and services, e.g., for technical development of our web-estate. DRYCUT does not sell any user data and no user data will ever be shared with any party for marketing purposes. As an example, when we gather your phone number you allow both DRYCUT and the mobile operator to transfer data in order for us to provide you with an update on your waiting time and to send you a receipt.

DRYCUT may be obliged to, through law, legal processes, legal action and/or requests from authorities in or outside our customers’ country of residence to provide our customers’ personal details.

Should DRYCUT choose to merge, sell or re-organize we will transfer all the relevant personal data to the relevant party in the process.

DRYCUT’s web-pages and web-based services can use“Cookies”. Cookies make it possible to use shopping carts and to get a more personalized user experience on our websites. It makes it possible for DRYCUT to see which parts of the website users visit, and to measure the efficiency of different types of content so we can tailor and improve our communication and our products.

- Environment: DRYCUT believes in making a difference for our planet. We believe in taking choices that will benefit the local environment as well as the global one. We will seek to avoid working with harmful chemicals, support electrification of transportation and renewable energy, and expect our partners to be on the forefront of reducing environmental impact of their operations ranging from a preference of electric transportation and renewable energy to management of waste, discharges, and emissions, in order to more efficiently use the earth’s resources. We take it as a given that our business partners have an Environmental Management System to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

- Ethics: DRYCUT believes doing business good is good business. People know right from wrong and we want to work with business partners who strive to do the right thing and who act with integrity even when no one is looking. We want our partners to go beyond obeying the law to navigate based on values of right and wrong, even when the immediate economic choice would be different.

- Human Rights: DRYCUT is committed to ensuring that its suppliers do not use slave or child labor or engage in human trafficking. DRYCUT does not, and will not, tolerate the use of slave or child labor in the manufacture of the products we use and does not, and will not, accept products or services from suppliers that engage in human trafficking in any form. Human trafficking, child labor and slavery are crimes.

- Labor: Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. DRYCUT is an equal opportunity employer and we expect all of our suppliers to be as well.

- Discrimination & Harassment: Providing an environment in which employees are provided opportunities to succeed in their roles regardless of who you are and without fear of prejudice or abuse is essential to the values of our company. Discrimination & Harassment are strictly prohibited. This includes on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, or any other status protected by law. Wages and Benefits Compensation paid to workers should comply with all applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. Punitive deductions from wages as a disciplinary measure are prohibited. Association and Grievance Mechanisms as permitted by and in accordance with applicable law and regulations, suppliers shall respect the rights of employees to associate or not associate with any third party. Workers should also have mechanisms in place to bring matters of attention to management without fear of reprisal within an environment that fosters respectful interactions among all co-workers including company representatives.

- Health and Safety:
A safe and healthy working environment is the right of all employees and a sign of good productivity. We expect DRYCUT suppliers to adopt and maintain Health and Safety Management Systems to limit exposure to occupational hazards, prevent emergencies, safeguard machines, manage physically demanding work, and provide access to clean toilets, potable water, and sanitary eating facilities. People’s work conditions should not make them sick or cause them harm. Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws related to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

- Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
DRYCUT suppliers must ensure their operations and the products and services supplied to DRYCUT comply with all laws and regulations.

Terms and Conditions
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